The Retention Marketing Alternative to average:

In-house Email Teams


Full-service Agencies

Email Agencies

We leverage Retention Marketing (Email, SMS, Push, Loyalty, Subscriptions) to measurably increase short-term profitability and long-term enterprise value without much hassle, complexity, or additional management time.

70 +




1-2 months

Time To Value


 ROI Interval


Brands in 15+ niches spread across 5 continents have grown their business with eCom Maniacs

The truth is, you have a lot on your plate when it comes to Retention Marketing .

With paid ads taking a chunk of your marketing budget only to bring you one-time customers, you might be worried about how sustainable this way of doing business actually is. You've probably dedicated a ton of your time to interviewing potential in-house hires, managing freelancers you can’t always count on or wasted months churning agencies (that somehow can’t last longer than 3-6 months).

The truth is, growing an eCommerce business is hard work, and you only have so much time that you’d rather spend on your customer acquisition, content production, and new product launches.

That’s exactly why setting up a Robust Customer Retention System can be your most valuable growth initiative this year.

And at eCom Maniacs, we take care of everything Customer Retention – Whether it's setting up and running the Customer Retention show for you or consulting you and your team on how to run it in-house independently.

We exist to remove you from the day-to-day operations and reclaim your attention and time so that you can work on the business rather than in it.

It’s time to build a cash-rich business that’s enjoyable to run and offers an immense market valuation, if you decide to exit.
And we’re here to help.

What we do

We help eCommerce businesses grow through revenue-generating and loyalty-building
retention marketing solutions.

What you get


Save time and money by getting instant access to retention experts with years of experience in the field
Let us know your brand's positioning, tone, copy & design guidelines and you'll never have to worry about off-brand emails again
Reduce feedback and approval time


An effective retention marketing strategy with conditional splits and a long-term focus
Email, SMS, and push communications that are on brand and professionally designed
Synced, context-sensitive, highly personalized touchpoints


Stronger customer relationships and higher LTV
Savings that don't compromise quality -> Higher output to input ratios
Cash-rich, de-risked business.
-> As a result, the company gets a much higher valuation

Retention Plans for every stage


A package designed to turn website visitors into buyers.
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Plan Highlights


Email Flow Revenue


Deliverability Rate

+ 542%

List Growth Rate

Plan Highlights


Inbox Metrics


List Engagement

51% - 49%

Email Revenue Distribution


A package designed to turn one-time into repeat customers.
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A package designed to turn repeat customers into brand evangelists.
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Plan Highlights

$363 (5,24 Orders)

Predictive LTV


Projected ROI

$1,48 m

Growth Overview

Plan Highlights


# of internal revisions


Revenue Per Employee

+$80k (MoM)

Enterprise Value Increase

Build (Consulting)

A package designed to help established eCommerce brands efficiently train, lead, and  manage their in-house Retention/CRM Team with Learning Modules, step-by-step Checklists, simplified Processes, plug & play Repositories, tactical cheat-sheets & pre-built Reporting Dashboards Templates.
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Tech-enabled Services

By leveraging our Tech Partnerships, we turned Klaviyo into a Customer Data Platform (CDP)

What our clients said about us

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