How a US-based fashion brand leveraged our advanced Retention Strategy to generate $2.8M in email revenue within only 12 months

August 31, 2022

Eric Javits

Industry: Accessories and Apparel      Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

Eric Javits is an online store that sells premium apparel and accessories for women and men.  

The legacy brand's claim to fame is in its unique and patented durable braiding technique, which makes for its trademark of high fashion that does not crack under pressure.

Having successfully combined intelligent design and luxury, Eric Javits is a brand featured by high-profile magazines such as Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Vanity Fair, among others, and is sought-after by celebrities and its diverse and global fashion-forward clientele.

The Challenge

Scaling an eCommerce business is challenging for the complexities it entails. However, we knew from the start that advanced email automation flows in addition to retention channels like SMS marketing, would be huge revenue drivers.

At the time we started, our client had not invested much time into retention marketing and this was reflected in their minimal Email Revenue share of just around 15%.

Eric Javits needed our help to develop strategies for retention channels campaigns and automations to match their objectives of scaling the business.

Eric Javits emphasized the following priorities:

  • Template designs that reflected their premium branding
  • Collection and activation of new subscribers
  • Improvement of their Emails conversion rate
  • Increasing their Repeat Purchase Rate by engaging loyal customers

What was holding them back:

  1. A basic retention marketing strategy that was not optimized to match their business goals
  2. An inefficient SMS marketing strategy
  3. Off-brand email templates and generic pre-built pop-ups
  4. An incomplete campaign segmentation


March 2021 - Start of our client engagement with preliminary adjustments and setting up of flows and campaigns

May to June 2021 - Comprehensive Email Retention Marketing Strategy goes live

June-July 2021 - Improved SMS Strategy goes live


Email Revenue share was below 20% in the first 2 months of Q1. Total Revenue for January and February 2021 was $262.5K and $279.3K, respectively.

Email Campaigns generated $10.1K and $11.8K for January and February 2021, while  Flows generated $27.4K and $35.7K for January and February 2021

SMS Marketing

6 SMS Flows were active but the setup lacked a Welcome Flow for new subscribers. They likewise had 20 active/live SMS Campaigns and but these lacked adequate segmentation.


The first three months:

  • Email Revenue increased by 357% versus the previous quarter (Q1 2021).
  • Email Campaigns generated $366K, which is a 273% increase from the last quarter.
  • Email Flows also increased by 437% and generated $551K.

  • Q2 of 2021 generated an Overall Revenue revenue of $2.69M.
  • Total Business Revenue increased by 167% compared to Q1 of 2021.
  • Total Business Revenue went up by 254% from the same quarter of the previous year (2020).

  • Email Flows Revenue for Q1 of 2022 was at $587K while email Campaigns Revenue for Q1 of 2022 was at $385K.
  • Q1 2022 Average Daily Rates for Click Through and Open Rates were 20.1% and 36.8%, respectively.

Total Revenue attributed to Email Flows and Campaigns amounted to an all-time total of $2.8M.

Overall All-Time Revenue totaled $8.4M (from March 2021 to March 2022).

Revenue growth has been on a consistent overall incline from when we started working with the client in March 2021 to March 2022.


We increased the number of active SMS Flows, including the creation of a Welcome Series that captured all new subscribers.

SMS Campaigns increased from 20 to 30 live campaigns to account for a more defined audience segmentation.

All-time Stats:

(From the start of the client's engagement with eCom Maniacs up to Q1 2022)

  • SMS Marketing flows and campaigns generated a Total Revenue of $1.12M.
  • Total Revenue grew by 14,199.05%.
  • Total ROI was at 4,866.99%.
  • Total Orders went up by 10,957.50%

  • 429,258 SMS Campaigns were sent, of which, 42,957 Clicks were recorded.
  • SMS Campaigns registered an ROI of 1,877.48%.
  • Revenue generated from SMS Campaigns totaled $401K.
  • Revenue generated from SMS Flows totaled $678.6K.
eCom Maniacs provided a customized Retention Strategy that helped generate $2.8M in revenue while increasing engagement and fueling overall brand growth.

General strategy breakdown

The path to success can be broken down into five major parts.

Omni-channel List Growth

We introduced a new retention channel for our client that will help increase the store's overall revenue.

Setup of highly performing SMS flows and campaigns

We started by focusing on building a list of subscribers by setting up a high-converting opt-in form with an offer (10% OFF).

Heavy A/B testing on Email & SMS flows and campaigns

Heavy A/B testing played a significant role in clients' success. By testing different design templates and copies, as well as different timelines within our retention channels, we ensured that the subscriber is getting relevant content they want to engage with.

In-depth segmentation and personalization at scale

We implemented in-depth segmentation to improve open and engagement rates. It meant ensuring that each segment received emails curated to feature products or content that this cohort historically seemed to engage more with.

Branding and Email Design Upgrade

The design has played a major role in the success of Eric Javits since we needed to maintain the luxury feel of the brand and keep an engaged customer base that would portray the feel of high-quality products and would appeal to the subscribers.

SMS Marketing

Our SMS strategy begins with a branded popup requesting contact information. As soon as a prospect signs up, the Welcome Flow is triggered.

The Welcome Flow aims to establish a strong relationship between the brand and its customers right from the get-go by teaching them about the product and reminding customers about unused discount codes, solving the problem of discount abandonment.

We were able to reduce oversight from both eCom Maniacs due to our SMS strategy being fully automated. For example, the Welcome Flow alone added over $60K in revenue.




With the site-wide popup that we launched to generate more newsletter and SMS subscribers, we quickly increased their customer base by almost 10K (from 4,084 in March 2021 to 13,587 in March 2022).

DELIVERABILITY - Reducing Unsubscribe Rates

The client had poor Unsubscribe Rates at 0.70% in June 2021.

As a solution, these series were activated as soon as a subscriber clicked on the Unsubscribe link.

We incentivized subscribers to stay subscribed with the following:

This page gets activated as soon as a subscriber clicks on the Unsubscribe Link. Here, we offered a complimentary discount code of 20% OFF to funnel unsubs to the shop, before they completely fall off the sales funnel.

In addition to the discount code, we also provided a subtle link for subscribers to Update Preferences. Clicking on this link would activate a form (see image).

This form allowed subscribers to adjust their Email subscription preferences, wherein they could select the preferred email delivery frequency.

These changes improved the Unsubscribe Rates and decreased the preceding rate of 0.70%. In the next 3 months, we saw those rates go down to around the 0.50% mark.

Our best numbers were in November and December, despite the Q4 Campaigns cadence increase,  when we maintained a 0.34% Unsubscribe Rate.



Q1 2022 opened with a Business Revenue of $1.48M, which is a 179% increase in revenue since Q1 of 2021. $561K of this is attributed to Email Revenue, which was also up by 44% from the previous quarter and up 179% from the last year (Q1 2021).

In almost a year since eCom Maniacs was enlisted to work on their retention marketing strategy,  we were able to generate an aggregate all-time revenue of $2.8M.

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