How an interior decor company increased revenue by 288% in less than 5 months with eCom Maniacs' efficient multi-channel marketing approach

August 31, 2022

Haus of Interiors

Industry: Home Improvement        Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

Haus of Interiors is a UK-based store that specializes in European-style interior furnishings.

Their high-end minimalist design pieces and excellent customer service make them a premier destination for home, office, and commercial decor.

Haus of Interiors is proud to be known as a brand synonymous with luxury and minimalism.

The Challenge

The company wanted to improve its eCommerce health and solidify its standing as a premier design and decor store while forging strong customer loyalty.

In order to do that, they had to set up an advanced Retention Marketing System.

Our client did not have any efforts geared towards customer retention yet, and this was apparent in their email share being less than 5% before onboarding with us.

What was holding them back:

  1. The customer was unaware that SMS and Email Marketing are crucial for Retention Marketing.
  2. They didn't have their pre-, post and, re-engagement Flows set up.
  3. They also didn't have a clear strategy for their ongoing monthly email & SMS Campaigns.


Q3 2021 Total Revenue was $50.7K, with only $14.7K of it coming from Email Revenue. Owned revenue share was less than 30% in June 2021.

Table 1

Flows and Campaigns were only making $13K and $1.4K, respectively.

Table 2


Part 1

Within the first few months after working with eCom Maniacs, Haus of Interiors experienced tangible improvements in their KPIs:

Business Revenue was up by 38% in Q4 2021 at $294K total revenue. Made $114K cash revenue from Flows and Campaigns in Q4, up by 76% from Q3 2021. Owned revenue share was also up by 27% in Q4.

Klaviyo Growth Overview Report for Q4 of 2021.

November 2021 marked the highest in email revenue generated and can be attributed to the BFCM strategy we implemented at that time.

Part 2

These figures illustrate the performance of the client's Retention Marketing strategy playing out 9 months since starting working with eCom Maniacs.

Total Revenue increased by 129% in a year-to-year comparison, from 2021 to 2022.

Despite a 53% seasonal dip in email revenue (December 2021 and mid-Q1 2022), revenue was still on an upward trajectory at $74.8K, $59.6K, and $68.1K for the first three months of 2022.

Owned Revenue Share for Q1 2022 recovers and lands at 30.56% in March, up nearly 10% from February.

Owned Revenue Share also saw a sharp rise during the tail end of Q1 2022 as market seasonality stabilizes.

Messenger & SMS total cash revenue went from 0 to an additional $52.2K from August 2021 to July 2022.

eCom Maniacs helped increase revenue by 288% in less than 5 months with multi-channel marketing.

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