How our Advanced Retention Strategy increased this pet supply company's Email Revenue by 421% within the first month of working with us

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August 31, 2022


Industry: Speciality         Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

Pawtrait is a German pet supply company focused on creating one-of-a-kind portraits of their customers’ beloved pets.

Pawtrait’s goal is to immortalize the animals by offering unique, hand-painted, and high-quality portraits in different styles.

The main USPs of the brand include:

Unique portrait styles and quality

Free shipping to DE/AU

Satisfaction Guarantee

Building a strong brand image and nurturing customer relationships were a priority for the company. This required an advanced retention marketing system that needed the expertise of eCom Maniacs.  

The Challenge

When the client engaged our services in March 2021, we found that they have not done much in their retention marketing strategy. And this was reflected in the overall Email Revenue coming up to only 10.55%.

What was holding them back:

  1. A lean and unsegmented subscriber list
  2. No clear strategy behind retention marketing in general
  3. Sporadic and inconsistent email Campaign that lacked segmentation  
  4. No pre-, post, and re-engagement Flows set up


March 2021 - Start of our client engagement

April 2021 - Beginning of preliminary adjustments and setting up of flows and campaigns

May 2021 - Comprehensive Email Retention Marketing Strategy goes live


Email Revenue was at €3.0K which represented only 10.55% of revenue share.
Email Campaigns generated less than €1K, while Flows generated only €2.2K.
Sub-optimal list size that only consisted of 33 subscribers.


The first month

Email Revenue immediately saw a sharp increase from 10.55% to 24.74% or from €3.0K to €14.7K. (See Graph 1)

Graph 1

Email Flows increased by almost 7x from €2.22K in March 2021 to €13.9K in May 2021 (Table 1) when our Flows set-up went live, as illustrated in the graph below (Graph 2).

Table 1
Graph 2

Email Revenue went up by 421% and Total Business Revenue increased by 12% within a month of setting up their Advanced Retention Strategy.

Total List Size saw a 1,244.24% increase.

In Q4 of 2021:

(From the start of the client's engagement with eCom Maniacs up to the end of Q4 2021)

Total Revenue amounted to €362K, which is a +573% from the previous year. Email Marketing generated €111K which is revenue growth of 115% from Q3 2021 to Q3 2021.

Email Campaigns saw a 1,411% increase from Q3 2021 at €36.1K revenue generated. Email Flows also increased by 52% from Q3 2021 and generated €74.9K in revenue.

Email List size went from just 33 in April 2021 to 6,153 by the end of November 2021.

eCom Maniacs has provided a customized Retention Strategy that helped increase List Engagement as well as revenue and overall brand growth.

Want to know how we did this? Find out in our Advanced Retention Strategy Playbook.

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