How our automations and campaigns helped this beauty brand make an extra 30% during Black Friday Cyber Monday

August 30, 2022

LED Esthetics

Industry: Health and Beauty    Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

LED Esthetics is a brand that provides cutting-edge technology skincare solutions for all skin types.

They're poised to cement their position in the beauty and wellness niches as the primary resource for high-quality and science-backed tools, starting with their flagship product of anti-aging and anti-acne LED-therapy masks.

The Challenge

LED Esthetics signed up for eCom Maniacs BFCM Offer with the following objectives:

  1. Come up with a comprehensive plan for the BFCM 2021 Sale with offers
  2. Improve and build on their newly set up flows and update them to adopt the BFCM Strategy;
  3. Create a robust email campaign plan for the BFCM 2021 Sale using a variety of offers.

What was holding them back:

  1. The client did not have a clear marketing strategy for BFCM (Sends Cadence, List Cleansing, Sender Domain Warmup, Deliverability Check).
  2. They were not able to update and customize their Automations and Campaigns for BFCM.

Before BFCM

With eCom Maniacs' retention marketing strategy, the client's revenue KPIs grew by 35% in October for total revenue and 243% for Flows and Campaigns. They, however, have not laid any groundwork to maximize BFCM.

After eCom Maniacs

Email Campaign revenue increased from $1.79K to $4.23K.

Despite Email Flows revenue falling 23% and Overall Email revenue falling slightly by 5% in November, Email Campaigns revenue still grew by 136%.

Overall Open Rates (32.2%) and Click Rates (2.41%) all improved compared to October 2021.

Despite the unremarkable bounce rates, the client's Marked As Spam rate stayed in healthy for both Campaigns and Flows.

LED Esthetics saw list growths from Popups and Footer Email Flows. Popup-EM increased by 86% while Footer-EM also increased by 80%.

LED Esthetics was off to a good start prior to BFCM when they signed up for our Email Retention Marketing Strategy.

As a result of our work on their email flow and campaign setup, their overall Email Revenue was already up by 243% in October. Total Revenue also increased by 36% from September 2021.

Additionally, their Q4 started strong with a 200% spike in October compared to just 0% in August.

Because of these favorable conditions, we were able to optimize their current setup and support our BFCM strategy.

How did LED Esthetics increase its Email Campaign Revenue by 136% using our BFCM Strategy? Find out from our BFCM Playbook.

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