How our Email Automation setup generated a 2,034% increase in Email Revenue within 4 months

Flows Setup
August 30, 2022


Industry: Accessories and Apparel         Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

Sphinx is a German brand committed to destigmatizing traditional period issues for menstruating people regardless of their size, race, orientation, and budget.

They offer a line of period undergarments designed to provide comfort, freedom of movement, and sustainability.

Body acceptance and self-love, are primary tenets of the brand because they believe periods are and should be the most normal thing in this world and should no longer be a taboo.

The main USPs of the brand include:

SELF-LOVE - Menstruating people should feel and act normal during their period - because it’s the only way they should feel.

SUSTAINABILITY - With Sphinx, it’s not about the profit, but about offering a carefree period to menstruating people.

DIVERSITY - Sphinx stands for everyone, no matter if a woman, trans, or non-binary

INCLUSIVITY - All sizes available (up to 7XL)

The Challenge

eCom Maniacs took on the task of implementing Sphinx's retention marketing strategy in November 2021 and found that their existing email strategy only generated €4.7K of revenue, which accounts for just a 6.25% share.

What was holding them back:

  1. A subscriber list that is lean and unsegmented
  2. General lack of retention marketing strategy
  3. Flows are not set up for pre-, post-, and re-engagement


November 2021 - Start of our client engagement and the beginning of preliminary adjustments and setting up of flows

December 2021 - Email Flows Set-up goes live


The existing Total List Size consisted of 448 subscribers.

Total Revenue was €72.8K, of which, only 6.52% or €4.7K was attributed to Email Marketing.

Email Flow Revenue only generated €4.5K, while the absence of campaigns (the client's preference) generated a very low revenue of just €200.


This refers to the period covering the 4 months from when their Email Flows went live.

Total List Size grew by 1,362% from 448 subscribers to 6,549 subscribers.

The client did not run any campaigns during this period, hence the low numbers attributed to Email Campaign Revenue.

However, their Email Flows generated an aggregate total of €100.1K within those 4 months.

Overall, Email Revenue grew by 459% (2021 vs. 2022). Flows revenue increased by 468%.

Total Revenue from November 2021 to March 2022 amounted to €410.3K.

Email Flows generated €100.3K, a 2,034% increase from the starting numbers in November 2021 (€4.7K).

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