How this small piano supply brand increased revenue 188% through well-timed email strategies during BFCM

August 30, 2022

Howard Piano Industries

Industry: Speciality    Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

Howard Piano Industries is a piano supply company located in Tampa which offers a wide range of piano parts, tools, and accessories as well as instructional videos on piano tuning and repair.

The Challenge

Howard Piano Industries signed up for our BFCM Offer with the following goals in mind:

  1. Develop a comprehensive plan with offers for the BFCM 2021 Sale
  2. Build on their newly set up flows and update them to adopt the BFCM strategy;
  3. Create a comprehensive email campaign plan using a variety of offers for the BFCM 2021 Sale;
  4. Convert as many list subscribers as possible into paying customers during the BFCM season.

What was holding them back

  1. They did not have a clear marketing strategy for BFCM (Sends Cadence, List Cleansing, Sender Domain Warmup, Deliverability Check).
  2. They were not aware that they needed to update their Email automations for BFCM.
  3. The client had flows running. However, they had zero Email Campaigns and zero revenue from Campaigns.
  4. The lack of email campaigns meant that Lists & Campaigns Engagement Rate data was not available.

Before BFCM

Total Revenue pre-BFCM was $47.4K.

Email Revenue, attributed to only to Flows, was just $4.4K

Total Email Deliveries was at 2.4K in October 2021, which is significantly low.

After eCom Maniacs

With the integration of Campaigns in their Email Strategy for BFCM, the client made an additional $6.8K.

Email Flow Revenue also increased from $4.4K to $5.8K in November 2021.

Email Deliveries after BFCM increased from 2.4K to 23.5K.

Business Revenue also went up 18%  from $47.4K to $56.0K month-to-month.

Total Email Revenue grew by 188%, from $4.4K in October 2021 to $12.6K in November 2021.

How did Howard Piano Industries increase their Email Revenue by 188% in just one month? Check out our BFCM Playbook to learn more.

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