Retention Solutions for
eCommerce DTC Brands



(Revenue: 0- $20k/mth)

Established Brands



(Revenue: +$200k/mth)


Get your Retention Marketing off the ground. To do that, we help you:
  • Implement advanced conditions-splitted Email & SMS automations.
  • Set up the infrastructure for good Email Deliverability
  • Optimize for list growth

Established Brands

Supplement your Acquisition efforts (Paid Ads, SEO, Influencer Marketing) by investing in a solid Retention System. To do that, we help you:
  • Optimize the post-purchase experience to turn one-time off sales into repeat purchases.
  • Start sending weekly campaigns to your customers
  • Keep track of your customer list engagement


Obsess over the little details and get your Retention Marketing channels to world-class performance KPIs. To do that, we help you:
  • Add more Retention Marketing channels (Subscriptions, Loyalty Programs, Micro-influencers, ..)
  • Send daily, highly-segmented, engaging multichannel Email & SMS communications
  • Bring the operations in-house & optimize your business for higher profits and company valuation

Retention Marketing Services

Covering the Customer Journey

Pre-purchase, post-purchase & re-engagement Email & SMS flows are a great way to send smart, automated and personalized communications to your customers and subscribers throughout their customer journey.
Given that these on average bring you 30% additional revenue, you just can’t afford to keep waiting to set them up.
Advanced Content Strategy
Email & SMS automations
3rd Party apps Flows

Contact List Growth & Maintenance

Email list building is an essential part of your business’s growth strategy. The more people you can reach and dazzle with your content, the more potential customers would be clicking on your eCommerce website.
On top of building your email list, we also keep them clean, provide your customers with the right email preference options, and send great content.
Creative opt-in forms
Smart Quizzes
List Cleansing


Many people believe that the offer consists just of the goods, the price, and whether there is a discount. In the offers we create for you, we help you communicate the value, uniqueness, and benefits of a package, not just stop at the discount.
Creative Offers
A/B testing Incentives
Using smart Discounting strategies


Putting hours into your email design and copy doesn’t yet guarantee your marketing emails will be successful – you also need to make sure they actually reach your customers. Email deliverability is about making sure your emails land in your customers’ inboxes instead of the Promotions tab or the Spam folder. Without monitoring and optimizing your deliverability, you simply risk leaving a lot of money on the table. 
Sending infrastructure warmup
DNS Settings & Text Records Setup
Ongoing Deliverability KPIs Monitoring

Data Privacy

The digital world has been turned on its head several times in recent years, but none have come close to matching the changes we've seen with iOS 14.5.
Also with the introduction of regulations around data protection GDPR (2018) as well as CCPA (2018), businesses had to adjust their Marketing accordingly.
This meant updating the opt-ins process, relying less on engagement metrics and periodically cleaning dead emails from the subscribers list.
iOS 14, iOS 15
Opt-in & Suppression Strategies

Performance Optimizations

The goal of an email campaign is to build solid relationships with prospects while simultaneously increasing conversion rates. Ongoing Optimization can increase the chances of higher opens, clicks, click-through rates, conversions which ultimately equates to profit.
Impact-driven A/B testing
Month-over-Month Performance Change Tracking
Industry Benchmarking


Successful brands realize the importance of data in answering marketing questions. Understanding your account's analytics is critical for gaining insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing and how to optimize them as you go.
Holistic Reporting
Actionable Data
Focus on the right metrics


Launch a loyalty program and build a community around it that goes beyond points and ,driving greater customer lifetime value and cost-effective acquisition through stronger customer relationships.
Loyalty Program Launch Strategies
Aligning interests with your brand evangelists
Loyalty Program Operating Costs Monitoring

Segmentation & Personalisation

Brand owners have finally begun to understand the value of owned marketing. With recent data privacy changes, it's more important than ever for brands to be able implement segmentation and personalization on channels like email or SMS where "zero-party" information collection helps make retention efforts successful.
Advanced Segments (Beyond RFM & Engagement triggers)
Custom Tags Tracking
Zero-Party Data

Multi-channel Retention

Any savvy eCommerce Entrepreneur knows that in order to build a successful brand, you need to have a presence across multiple channels. But what's even more important is delivering a pleasant and seamless customer experience all throughout the customer journey.
Retention Channels Orchestration
Touch-points Tracker
Send Time, Contact, Segmentation, Content Strategies

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