How a pet portrait company's email revenue grew by 108% during BFCM

August 30, 2022


Industry: Speciality    Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

Pawtrait is a German pet supply company focused on creating one-of-a-kind portraits of their customers’ beloved pets.

Pawtrait’s goal is to immortalize the animals by offering unique and high-quality portraits in different styles.

The Challenge

The client signed up for our BFCM Offer with the following goals:

  1. To capitalize on the biggest sale of the year;
  2. To generate additional revenue from BFCM sale season; and
  3. To consult with eCom Maniacs on the most effective strategy for the BFCM season.

Before BFCM

Pawtrait was already seeing an upward trend in terms of store and email revenues ever since they brought eCom Maniacs in to set up their email marketing and retention strategy in April 2021.  

Some major wins include:

Email Revenue was up by 26% from September 2021.

Total Revenue went up 7% from €72.7K in September 2021 to €77.5K in October 2021.

Email Campaigns went from €0.0K in August 2021 to €7.5K in October 2021.

However, despite these wins, Pawtrait had to contend with the following challenges:

  1. They lacked a defined marketing strategy for BFCM (Sends Cadence, List Cleansing, Sender Domain Warmup, Deliverability Check).
  2. Although they had their flows and campaigns set up, they were not aware that they needed to update their Email automation and campaigns for BFCM.

After eCom Maniacs

Owned Revenue Percentage increased from 35.44% to 37.14%.

Overall Email Revenue saw an increase of 108% percent over October 2021 numbers.

Email Marketing generated revenue of €57.2K in November 2021 compared to €27.5K in October 2021.

Email Campaign Revenue rose from €7.5K to €21.7K. Email Flow Revenue likewise saw an increase from €19.9K to €35.5K.

Total Email Deliveries grew from 92K in October to 127.7K in November.

Our BFCM strategy helped generate a total of €154K in Overall Revenue. This is a 99% increase from the previous month and a 797% increase from the previous year.

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