How this US-based toy company grew its Email Revenue +192% within the first 3 months of launching our Advanced Retention Strategy

Flows Setup
August 31, 2022

EZ Play Toys

Industry: Toys and Hobbies         Platform: Shopify

About the Brand

EZPlay Toys is a shop dedicated to creating indoor playgrounds that combine safety, fun, convenience, and affordability.

Their handcrafted construction methods and unwavering attention to detail make sure that every EZPlay indoor playground is built to last.

The main USPs of the store include:

Premium Quality - Handmade from selected ash wood

Environmentally-friendly - no use of plastic

Made in Europe and Ships from the US

Foldable for easy storage

The Challenge

When eCom Maniacs was brought in to work on their retention marketing strategy in July 2021, we found that the client's existing email strategy only generated $9.5K or accounted for only around 17% revenue share.

What was holding them back:

  1. A subscriber list that is lean and unsegmented
  2. General lack of retention marketing strategy
  3. Inconsistent and intermittent email campaigns
  4. Flows are not set up for pre-, post-, and re-engagement


July 2021 - Start of our client engagement and the beginning of preliminary adjustments and setting up of flows and campaigns

August 2021 - Advanced Email Retention Marketing Strategy goes live


Email Revenue was at $9.5K which represented only 16.93% of revenue share.

Email Campaigns generated $2.1K, while Flows generated $7.4K in revenue.

Total List Size was just 207 subscribers.


The First Quarter (Q3 2021)

This refers to the period covering the first 3 months of working with eCom Maniacs' Advanced Retention Strategy.

Email Revenue saw an increase of 198% from the previous quarter (Q2 2021), which represents $43.6K in revenue.

Email Flows Revenue (light green in the graph below) increased from $7.4K to $18.6K within 3 months from launch. Email Campaigns were far and in between, at the client's conservative preference, and generated only a total of $2.8K for this quarter.

Total List Size increased by 623% from 207 subscribers to 1,498 subscribers.

After 9 months (Q1 2022)

Total Revenue amounted to $1M in the period covering July 2021 to March 2022. Email Marketing generated an aggregate total of $253.7K from July 2021 to March 2022.

Email Campaigns generated $37.9K in revenue (even with a conservative campaign calendar). Email Flows, on the other hand, generated $215.7K.

The client's Total List size also grew by 3,358% within the 9 months, from beginning with just 207 subscribers to a total of 7,160 subscribers in March 2022.

Our retention strategy has helped increase revenue by 198% for the brand in just 3 months. It likewise generated an aggregate of $253.7K additional revenue from email marketing in 9 months.

Curious as to how we achieved this? Check out our Advanced Retention Strategy Playbook to learn more.

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